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THE DEVO MINUTE™ with Jason Lockard

Just Ask [John 14:13]
True Worship [Psalm 29:2]
No Fear [Psalm 34:4]
Only True Comfort [Psalm 119:50]
Nothing Impossible [Luke 1:37]
Freedom [John 8:32]
True World [2 Cor. 4:18]
Peace [John 16:33]
Satisfaction Guaranteed [Phil. 4:19]
Get A Life [John 11:25]
Searching.... [Psalm 139:1&2]
Overcoming [1 John 5:4]
Choose Life [Deut. 30:19]
Purify your Temple [1 Cor. 6:19&20]
2 Agree [Matt. 18:19]
Gold Standard [Job 23:10]
3 Fold Blessing [2 Chorn. 7:14]
Lukewarm [Rev. 3:15]
Anger [Psalm 37:8]
The Back Door [1 Cor. 10:13]

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Jason Lockard is a singer, writer, actor, director and student minister.... On this Site you can listen to one minute audio devotionals... On 'The Devo Minute' Jason take one or two verses and breaks them down for you! We hope you enjoy The Devo Minute!

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